Brand New Build

New feature drop - Capital 40" Stainless Built-In BBQ

This month’s addition to our featured projects boasts some serious cooking ability, so let’s get into it. Right up front in the U.S made Capital 40” Stainless Built-In BBQ. This guy is an absolute beast and packs just 108mj of gas-powered BBQ. At a retail value touching the magical $10,000 it needs to perform, and perform it does. This unit is for the serious 5-7 day a week cook.

Hands up, who noticed the Alfa 5 Minuti Pizza Oven. It's bloody hard to miss, complimented by the stunning perforated and offset flue in black enamel. “Why make the flue a fixture when you can make it a feature”. Agreed. Picked up beautifully by the red mosaic tiled splashback and black louvred glass sections of the rear wall, this unit has been exceptionally well thought out to deliver some severe aesthetic punch. Blue Grey Pearl finish cabinet doors paired with a stunning 40mm Dekton Sirius benchtop. Wow, just wow. We love the boldness of this project.

Ok. Hands down now. We love this unit. Is it obvious? A sturdy under mount sink and stainless mixer ensures that the Outdoor Kitchen is self-contained and, as we like to say, does not have to rely on its poor inside cousin.

Noticeably, ample wood storage space has been allocated underneath the Pizza Oven. One of the main reasons LimeTree Alfresco choose the Alfa range is their depth. The five minutes is a great sized unit, and the depth means it can be incorporated into a straight run without taking up the massive corner space of some other units. With a 20-minute heat-up time, you are cooking almost immediately and turning over two to three family-sized pizzas every 5 minutes. Enough said.

At 3790mm wide, this Outdoor Kitchen falls into our mid-sized range of installations; however, it comes in at a premium price due to the inclusion of some high-end appliances. If you are obsessed with Outdoor cooking like we are, and it is where you spend most of your time, then it is worth completing this level.

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