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Featuring weatherproof materials and finishes – from cabinetry to benchtops, your outdoor kitchen is protected against the elements.

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A Professional Outdoor Kitchen Systems by LimeTree Alfresco

Some homeowners feel restricted by the weather or a lack of an entertaining area. LimeTree Alfresco specialises in a huge variety of outdoor kitchen systems complete with fridges, sinks, and cabinets to suit all your needs. Featuring weatherproof materials and finishes – from cabinetry to bench tops, your outdoor kitchen is protected against the elements.

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Zeiglar & Brown Turbo Elite 6 Burner BBQ Kitchen

Complete outdoor kitchen systems with all-weather cabinets and benches

Whatever design you go with, our installations are built to withstand the elements throughout every season. With heat and water resistant materials, our professional outdoor kitchen systems can stay out in the open without shelter and still retain their quality over time. This helps reduce your maintenance needs and means everything is ready to be enjoyed when the weather permits

How To Specify Your Outdoor Kitchen

Versatile designs, professional installations

While we have a variety of kitchen cabinets and kits available for you to select from, there are endless ways to design an open air kitchen and we will tailor our service to suit exactly how you want to use the space.

Full customisation is well within our capability and we can add the final touch to the overall aesthetic with a range of different colours and finishes.

We’ll build with your design ideas firmly in mind but can also offer suggestions based on our experience if you are struggling for inspiration. Servicing throughout Melbourne, our team have over 75 years’ combined experience.

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LimeTree Alfresco Only Use World Class Suppliers

When you choose Limetree Alfresco, you can rest assured that you're choosing high quality. The company only use the best materials, so you can rest assured that your outdoor kitchen will stand the test of time. It's easy to install, and we provide a free consultancy service to help you think through how you want to use it.

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"Best Alfresco kitchen builders! love the one you built for us and looking forward to getting another when we move shortly!"....


Glen Leighton

"We were searching for someone to build us an outdoor kitchen without going for stainless steel. We wanted a build in BBQ, ducted range hood ....


David Bailey

"Limetree Alfresco has completely changed our outdoor entertaining area. It looks absolutely amazing and the quality of the product is secon ....


Courtney O'brien

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Outdoor Kitchen Gallery

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